Fizzy Boppers


Opportunity to dance and have some exercise together. Improved little ones confidence.

A really nice social educational experience which give our children the chance to run around and dance in a safe environment. Really good for babies who are learning to walk as they copy the older ones.

Helps with actions and sequencing. Sharing and mixing with other children.

It’s just fun. My children love it.

Social regular and compared to other groups cheap event to take pre-schoolers to. Children are always keen to attend Fizzy Boppers.

I’ve made new friends. It’s stimulated my child and it is fun. Good to get children active from an early age.

Myself and daughter look forward to coming to Fizzy Boppers each week. I have seen her grow in confidence over the three months we have been coming and her physical development has come on leaps and bounds. Her enjoyment of music and understanding of tidying up has been helped by the props for each song.

We haven’t been for a while but C and I have been dancing away at home so we still try to keep it up!

A has really come out of his shell recently, when we first used to come he didn’t really talk at the sessions. He now chats about them at home too. Grandad really enjoys the combine harvester song as he used to fix combines many years ago, a great way of reminiscing!

Via Facebook - We love fizzy boppers in Bridport its great fun I use it as a workout and social and my 11month old gets to socialize with children her age and older and gets to bop around to fun songs and music when we can't make it we do our own version of it and she shows of to her brothers and sister its well worth the money just to see how much she gets out of it keep it up fizzy bopper leaders your fantastic x

FAB FAB FAB group, well done!

Thank you for your enthusiasm

We love coming ☺ lots of space to run about, great structure and props.  Well done, keep up the good work ☺

Fizzy Boppers is fab!

I love the pace of Fizzy Boppers, the themes aren’t that important at L’s age but I think he will learn from them as he gets older

All fantastic.  Wouldn’t change a thing

Fantastic group.  Something unusual & great fun!  Thank you!

Love it, children enjoy it & gets us out of the house.  Love Row, row the boat song & shake your sillies!

Love the structured part of Fizzy Boppers, no time for children to get into too much trouble!

Really good group.  Fun, loud, friendly.  Keep up the good work

Keep it up – really appreciate all your enthusiasm & hard work! Thank you!’

Really impressed – brilliant group!

Very good group, well needed in the communities that they are run!  Well done all.

Great class – keep it up!  - Thank you

My daughter loves it. I like that it’s not too structured.  I like your enthusiasm, props, songs are well chosen.

A really great activity for toddlers

It keeps my 2 year old entertained for an hour.  I really enjoy the group as I can bring my baby as well

A lovely opportunity for us both to socialise

Its given my children confidence and brought them out of themselves

I come each week with my daughter and her tow boys and though I am 74 years old I enjoy it as much as the children. I think it is a wonderful way of socialising and great fun

My little boys confidence and social skills have improved so much over such a short time. It’s also a great moment for me to have adult conversation

It is nice to get out and be active with M's little one and it is a great time after school drop off.

A lovely, well run group

We love this group! We go to many groups but this one is heaps above the rest

An excellent group that promotes co-ordination, engagement and group work

Myself and my 2 children come to fizzy boppers every week and are thoroughly disappointed if we ever have to miss one. We love fizzy boppers.

So much fun!

For some of my children (child minder) it is a good sociable group and it helps them build their confidence and explore a range of movements and learning about the environment and people around them.
Both my girls, now 4 and 7, still ask if they can go to Fizzy Boppers.  They love it and I’m hoping my 14 month old A will enjoy it too!

The girls and I have enjoyed the music and getting moving.  Although my eldest is off to school she will miss attending but my youngest and I look forward to boogieing on a Monday morning.  It gets us going for the beginning of the week.

It keeps my 2 year old entertained for an hour.  I really enjoy the group as I can bring my baby as well.

We absolutely love this group! Great value, very well organised, great props and great fun.

I hope not continues for a long time

Really it is a great class and the structure is clear and easy for my little boy to remember and join in with

It is nice to have the snack and play. My child is always more confident after this quiet time.

Fantastic group. Something unusual and great fun! Thank you!

Very good group, well needed in the communities that they are run! Well done all.

The ladies who take the class are brilliant, fun and friendly and very approachable! 10/10!

Really enjoy the different themes.

Can’t believe I have managed to find a group that both my child and I enjoy!

My daughter talks about it and sings the songs all through the week, keeps her active and nice for her to see all the other children & adults dancing.

As a grandparent this is a fun activity to take a child to where they can play and meet others.

Fizzy Boppers has bought my child out of himself, socialising with others. He really looks forward to it every week. It’s great that it is on during school holidays too! Also it’s a great community feeling for a village.

It is great fun and not too structured so if the kids don’t want to join in a particular dance they don’t have to or they can do their own ‘moves’!

Fizzy Boppers allows me to go to something with my youngest and gets the family into fun exercising.  It also allows me to take a friends child as it is a reasonable cost for an activity.

I have no suggestions - just hope this continues.

It has allowed my daughter to mix with other children

Kim and Julia are fantastic at including every child, mum and dad. It gives parents a chance to mix.

We love Fizzy Boppers as it is!

My daughter loves coming to Fizzy Boppers it has helped her to gain confidence and meet lots of other children. Also I have met with other mums. Even granny likes to come along when she can to see the different things we are doing.

Please start a Weymouth group!

I have seen an improvement in my child’s movement and ability to share. She is aware now to take something and then return it. It is good exercise for me too!

Fantastic group! Such a lot of work is put in and it is very energetic.

There is a good balance; children can join in if they want, parents can chat or everyone can watch without feeling pressure. We love the action songs and have been doing lots of them at home.

The leaders are always full of energy and so lovely!

In the early months, when she was a baby, it was somewhere to go - an excuse to get out of the house. It was a fun place to go to. A place where she can interact, learn about places through dance, learn social skills and be loud!

It is good you can pay as you go because for working mums you do not have to come every week.

Keep it up! Love it!

It has helped with my sons confidence. it is lovely meeting with new kids and new mums or even catching up with friends already made!

Love the variety, the fact you run throughout the holidays, fab atmosphere every week. Keep up the good work guys!

Brilliant fun activity to look forward to. Good for development and ideas to do at home, songs with actions etc.

Excellent group, well organised, lovely props.

It has given my child more confidence. She enjoys coming and talks about it a lot and sings the songs.

Thank you Kelly and Georgie for doing such a great job of running the session, providing lots of fun for many families.

My son enjoys the music and dancing.

It is a different parent and child group to attend where they can run around and be independent.

I like the fact that the parents are not judged if they do not wish to participate in all activities.

Not clicky like some groups.

My daughter really loves it. It is fun for me too!

Most welcoming of any group.

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